We specialize in standard size containers, 6meter x W 2.44 x H 2.6 with 32 cum capacity lengths. These include storerooms and office container units. Our rental containers are wind and watertight and painted in one of our colors, with security lock boxes to protect your lock. For the best deal contact us for a quote and we will get back to you shortly. 

Read our FAQs for answers to questions asked most often.


NO rental unit will be made available before ALL five of the following conditions and precedents are met:

  1. Both parties AGREE to enter into the rental agreement. It is understood that Storage WISE reserves the right to perform all necessary verifications to minimise risk of any loss and/or non-payment of rental.
  2. One month's deposit, one month's rental, plus the delivery and pick-up charges, if applicable, MUST BE PAID AND REFLECT in Storage WISE's Bank account, BEFORE either occupation, or delivery of the rental unit, will be made to the APPLICANT'S site.
  3. debit order instruction must be completed in full and signed.
  4. A copy of the applicant's ID document or Driver's license and proof of residence (not older than 3 months) must accompany the completed rental agreement.
  5. Storage WISE reserves the right to make whatever enquiries it deems necessary in assessing the creditworthiness of the APPLICANT. Storage WISE is only prepared to execute an AGREEMENT subject to the APPLICANT being creditworthy and for as long as he/she stays creditworthy.

 NO Herewith also take special note of the following clauses in your Rental Agreement (to be submitted):

  • TERMINATION: Please ensure that one full month's notice is given in writing to terminate this lease. If one full month's notice is not given, the Landlord will be entitled to retain the deposit as a once off cancellation penalty.
  • ADMIN FEE: An administration fee of R100 (One Hundred Rand) is payable on all late Rental payments. Any payment received AFTER the third day of a month will be deemed "late".
  • CANCELLATION FEE: Should the rental agreement be cancelled after the initial deposit and first rental have been paid, but prior to occupation / delivery, a handling fee of 10% of the amount paid will be deducted, prior to the refund being made. This will also apply to any monies paid into our account in error and requiring a refund.
  • Any remaining goods in a vacated store, will be removed at the applicant's expense, and be deducted from the refundable deposit.

 Download PDF file to print.